[SOLVED] Is this a good overclock for a GTX 1050?

Hello. I have a PNY GTX 1050 video card my computer. I ran heaven benchmark and my framerate dipped into the mid-20s at some points. I figured I might as well get my money's worth out of this single fan PNY GTX 1050 2gb by bumping up the clocks. I headed over to Afterburner and found a core of +150 was as high as I could get without crashing heaven and my memory is at +600. Heaven crashes with memory artifacts all over the screen at +750mhz on VRAM, so ill try to get a frequency between 600 and 750 working. Unfortunately, this overclocks only gets me about 3-4 fps more In Heaven, but my temps get up to 68/69c at auto. With the fan at max, my temps are astonishingly under 60c. My power limit is at 100% and my temp limit is at 83c. Is this OC safe and can I push it further?
Edit: I keep getting "GPU not responding" crash message in Beam NG, so I dialed my core back to 110 and I don't have any more errors.
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Mar 2, 2019
Heyo, you should always start your OC by maxing out your Power Limit and your temp limit aswell. Graphics Cards can get to 100°C+ and then they'll just shutdown so you can't cook them using just software tbh. It sounds like you've made good gains though. You'll notice once you keep increasing your core clock eventually the actual core clock stops going up. That's when you've reached the limit there usually.