Question Is this a good starting mining setup?

Apr 13, 2020
Hey guys, I just recently was reading about crypto mining and I want to start. My starting budget is probably approx. $300. I already have a pc, but I don't want to ruin my gpu. I'm planning to start with 1 or 2 rx 570s . On my motherboard I have 2 free big pcie slots and 1 small one. I have a couple questions.

If I start with a couple rx570s (I can probably find some for $130 or so when gpu prices go back to normal), which are estimated to make around $2.50 a day each, giving me an ROI of 52 days, would this be a good starting point? I would hook them up to my existing gaming pc, using risers so they don't block the airflow of my primary gaming GPU (not using for mining). The only problem I have with this is that my pc sits on a nightstand, so there would be no room to put the two 570s on risers. The other problem would be that even if I did get another shelf or figure out space for it, I can't sleep with GPUs whirring. The only solution I can find for this is to get a cheap dell OptiPlex (maybe $150 or so), (of course with that I would only be able to get one 570 in my budget) and then put the 570 and the OptiPlex (I plan on using a riser since OptiPlex's get terrible airflow.) in my closet. There is a single ac vent in my closet and I don't think a 570 (or two when I get a second) would be a huge problem.

I guess what I'm asking is:

Is there a solution to the problem with the plan involving the existing pc and how will it affect the performance of my ram and cpu

What plan is better

And lastly, are there any flaws with those plans (other than the flaws already listed)