Question Is this a hack or bug or something?


Oct 1, 2009
So for a little while now about once every couple of days my machine will go nuts. The keyboard will start going crazy like some possessed demon has it. Whatever it is also take control over my mouse.

First things first...I don't go to ANY questionable sites. Literally I've gone to YouTube, google home page for directions, and Curse whatever the hell it is now for WOW, but that was short lived as I tried to play WOW and didn't care much for it. I know there have been some crap in the past with them but I had hoped they would have fixed it by now.

I got a VPN to see if that would help but still in any game it seems and on the desktop it'll happen.

Now I have a video but I think I have something better. While playing BF2042 it started happening and I was recording. I then pressed the console and BAM...some crazy <Mod Edit> came up and and was being typed etc. like "wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww" the some programming/file stuff for something but it came up and went away instantly when it started happening. I paused the video at that point and then took a 6x zoomed in pic of all the lines of code or files or whatever that came up in the console command. I put this in GPU bc I think one of the lines has some sort of Nvidia language in it.

Windows 10 up to date
RTX 3090 latest patch
AMD Ryzen 9 5950X

here's the link to the pic of the code or whatever came up in the console when it did happen: View:
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