Question Is this a motherboard problem?


Jun 4, 2019
I have a AB350M-GAMING 3 Motherboard with an RX 460 and Ryzen 3 1200. I can play all the games on ultra without problem but every time I restart my computer the performance vary a lot. The previous month Gigabyte rolled out a BIOS update with version F50a addressing the issue of PCIe incompatibility. And for me it fixed performance in Fallout 4. My fps jumped from 22 to 30 above!!
However still I have this problem of games like Wolfenstein 2 crashing. Now I have heard that motherboards don't make a performance difference but where did that boost in fps in Fallout 4 came from after the update?? Do I need to buy a new RAM kit to avoid the other issues I have stated or the motherboard?? My specs-

RAM-16GB 2400MHz Corsair dual channel CMK8GX4M1A2400C16R (same version)
PSU-CX 450
OS- Windows 10 64bit