Build Advice Is this budget build too low in specs?

Jun 14, 2021
Looking to build a budget office pc since i have a used 3400G, case, and a spare HDD.

ASRock B450m-HDV Micro ATX
Apacer Panther-Golden 8GB
Adata SU650 120GB

I'm using my local store site in Indonesia and it shows that the ram (Apacer Panther-Golden) is 2x4GB though. And the storage (Adata SU650) seems to be m.2 version, which is not on pcpartpicker.

As for the psu, I'm at a complete loss. Saw in another thread to go with EVGA, but my local store site doesn't have any EVGA at all.

Am I cutting too many corners? I'm not familiar with the quality of them to know if they will overheat, slow/stutter, or have issues in general. Just need them to be smooth enough for casual work related stuff, no gaming needed.


Feb 11, 2020
Your CPU should do the job for some light multitasking (excel, word, etc.). It'll be just fine for office work.
The only thing to consider nowadays on motherboards is features. Does it have the amount of USB's you want? Video connections? Do you want WiFi and Bluetooth? It's your choice that matters.
Ram is technically fine, just monitor your tabs and if your multitasking is using too much ram, you could get more ram. If these are ram sticks you are buying, id always suggests going the 16GB kit route so you have as much ram as needed since Windows 10 can be more ram heavy. If you already have the ram sticks, see how 8GB works for you.
Your storage device is technically fine with space, Windows 10 only needs 32 GB if that's what you're going to use. I just hope it doesn't fill up too fast on you. You can always add more storage down the line.
For PSU, your CPU needs 65 watts, each ram stick needs about 3 watts, Storage device 8 watts, other peripherals I don't know, but i'd say a 300-400 watt PSU should do you good. Maybe even less if you need to save more. Since it's a budget build and low power consumption, the brand shouldn't matter too much in my opinion.