Question Is this card compatible with my motherboard and will it fit???

Jun 12, 2020
I am thinking of getting a KOLINK Inspire K5 ATX Mid Tower PC Case and a CORSAIR CV450 ATX PSU - 450 W from (both) currys, so that I can upgrade my late gtx 750ti GPU to a PNY GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER Single Fan Graphics Card from ebuyer.

My questions are:

1. Will the PSU fit in the case

2. Does the PSU have a 6 pin PCI Express power connector

3. Does my PSU require anything else ( I am just moving everything from an old case to a new one with some extra stuff)

4. Does the PSU have the cables and stuff already for my 2.5 ssd storages and does the case have space for it

5. And lastly is the graphics card compatible with my motherboard, in size and in hardware (will the mother board recognize it)

My PC Specs:

Ryzen 3 2200G

EVGA GTX 750ti




Windows 10 Pro

300w PSU (to the best of my knowledge)
Apr 23, 2020
Hi, i am not a complete expert at pc's but i know enough.

I believe your PSU should fit fine in the case, The power supply usually comes with all the cables you need to connect it to the motherboard and your drives.

SSD's arent something which necessarily need to screw into place, ive had my ssd hanging in my case for a while or you can screw it into place also, you need a sata power cable which goes from the PSU to the drive and also a sata data cable which you may need to buy. this plugs into the motherboard sata port.

You have not listed your motherboard so it all depends whether your MOBO has a spare sata data port for your drive, and chances are if your buying a single 1650 graphics card it will fit in the case.

One way you can check all of this is by putting all of your parts into pcpartpicker website which will tell you if there are any incompatibilities.
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1. Yes... you have an ATX case, any ATX PSU will fit.

2. Yes... it actually has in fact 2 PCIe power connectors

3. Nope... just plug the connectors to your motherboard, GPU, drives, etc. Plug the power power cord in and that's it.

4. The PSU has plenty of SATA power connectors, no problems there. The new case has 4 x 2.5" drive bays... plenty for your SSDs.

5. Your case can accommodate a 310mm long GPU... that 1650S is A LOT smaller, fit is no problemo. You haven't listed the motherboard, but judging by the CPU you have a modern motherboard (A320, B350, B450)... it'll surely be compatible.

Definitely no problems with that upgrade, but I'll suggest going with a higher quality PSU... if the Corsair CX models (CX450,CX550,CX650) are available to you, they would be a whole lot better than the CV.450W will be sufficient for that build.
If the CX is not available to you, the CV is fine too considering you have a power efficient build... just that in terms of quality the CX is way better.


Why are you changing cases? If the current case fits a 750Ti it should fit a 1650 Super. Sounds like you are leaving out some details, is your current PC a pre-built OEM system? You need to make sure the motherboard power and case connectors are standard or you can have issues connecting the system in a new case. What is your motherboard brand/model and current case?
Jun 12, 2020
Thank you guys for your responses. My mother board is a Asus PRIME AMD A320 AM4 Micro ATX. And I am changing my case as it is a zoostorm elite pc case. and it is too small to fit the PSU as i have checked the space, and a bigger case is better if i wanna upgrade more in the future. And yes, it was a prebuilt pc made from zoostorm originally with the usual motherboard and the psu and the CPU.

Thanks for the responses guys