Is this combo good?



Hi everyone

I am no pro when it comes to computing but I decided to invest into a new computer for my school (programming, among other stuff) and to play games in my limited free time.

So I plan to go all in, my budget is around 2000-2500$ and the fallowing is what i came up with.

Mobo: Gigabyte S1155 Z77X-UD3H (Never been good with knowing Mobo´s)

HDD: 240GB SATA3 Mushkin SSD Chronos

Mem: Mushkin 16GB DDR3 1600HMz

Cpu: Intel-core i7-3770 quad-core

Gpu: Gigabyte GTX 680oc 2GB GDDR5

I would like to hear your input on this combination and if it is sufficient or not for future education in programming and gaming, sense I am going all out I want this computer to be good to last at least 3-4 years.

I also want to thank everyone in advance and apologize for any misspellings.

Azn Cracker

Man i dunno what you are programming, but my little laptop does fine programming. If I needed a powerful computer, the school has a bunch of them everywhere.

If you are not going to play much games, i dont see a point in buying such an expensive gpu. This will last you 3 years though if you go with it.

Grass Peer

Jul 6, 2012
An SSD, good memory and an 8-thread 4-core CPU is all great but one thing to consider when thinking about productivity on a PC is your display.
Consider purchasing a large resolution display like a 2560x1440 or buy video card that can run multiple displays. That can help you out some when working hard on a big project.



Yeah, that is actually a good point. I´ll look into that ;)