is this compatible


the motherboard maker will have a list of which memory modules they have tested and will work on the motherboard, no questions, will work. the list is called the QVL or qualified vendors list. the QVL is not the only modules that will work, they are the only modules the motherboard makers tested and verified to work. if the units are on the list they will work with no issues at all as they have been pre-tested for you. the size and scope of the list means that the motherboard will work with a large proportion of RAM with the proper specs. a way to ensure general compatibility.

that being said, the RAM should work for you just fine. the Caveats about bein specificly for the intel 100 series has to do with the x99 and 100 series being the first chipsets that DEMANDED DDR4. "Designed for high-performance overclocking on Intel X99 and 100 Series motherboards" is left over marketing speak, you can safely disregard today.
As you have a ryzen CPU I would suggest a faster clock speed. the architecture ryzen uses loves high speed RAM and greatly benefits from higher speed RAM if your motherboard allows for memory overclocking profiles. check the manual.

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