Is this cpu any good for what i need it for?

carnal sage

Mar 30, 2012
Hello i know the the 775 chip is ancient lol
I just want to upgrade the cpu in my mobo and not mess with anything else.
I have a core 2 duo e6400.I want to upgrade to something a little faster then the 2.13ghz it has. I was looking at the core 2 duo e8200 and the pentium dual core.
I know the pentium dual core is a newer chip and clocked higher and the benchmark i saw of it says its much better in the test.

and this is the e8200

Anyways what i wanted to know is which 1 is better for my older setup?

Thanks -Jon

Deleted member 217926

What motherboard do you have? Since you are running an older 65nm Conroe based Core2 your board may not work with newer chips like the Q8200 and E5800.

Deleted member 217926

If you just have to try and upgrade obsolete tech then spend as little money as you can. Maybe even think about overclocking what you have now. A $20-$30 CPU cooler is a better investment than another obsolete CPU. You will get decent bump by changing CPUs for sure but probably not as much as you think.

Interestingly Tom's CPU hierarchy chart has the E8200 one tier above the E5800.,3106-5.html

My advice is to either get a quad or better yet save your money for a full upgrade.