Question Is this Crypto Riser compatible with my 3090 GPU?


Looks like it's up to a flip of the coin from reviews:

Q: Support powerful graphics like the nvidia rtx 3080? i have doubts since they only have 3 capacitors and there are other risers that have 4!
A: I have had a 3090 running on one of these for a week now with no issues.
By Brendan on March 5, 2021
Q: I cannot get any of these risers to work with amd 6800/6800xt. they work perfect on my rtx 3080's. can you confirm compatibility with new amd cards?
A: Did u ever get it working on the 6800 xt? I am having issues with 2 6800 xt and a 3070 .
By pamela swartz on April 27, 2021