Question Is this evga 600w br power supply good because people are putting bad reviews and saying it will fail in some months

Sep 27, 2020
As i said people are saying that the evga 600w br that its bad and people are saying it will fail in some months and there are some good reviews because this is my first build for the psu to fail will be bad.

ima have a apu for now no graphics card i only gonna buy a apu for now

Heres the power supply:

is it true is it good because its my first build plz help

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The BR is not a great unit no. It's certainly not a fire hazard though.
But it is a perfectly fine for a unit with no dedicated GPU for its warranty period. Being as you said you don't have a dedicated GPU
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It's sad to say that the common price for that unit before this all started was $40 or below.
I have utilized a few of these in builds that didn't pull more than ~300W. I got overconfident with one and used in a system pulling a bit over 400 and it failed.

For that price I would pony up a few more bucks for something actually good.