Is this gaming build okay?


Dec 29, 2012
This is the first time I'm building a gaming computer and was wondering if the parts I picked out are okay.
Not including the monitor or OS I'm trying to keep the build at around $1000. Are there any parts I should upgrade/downgrade? I'm going to be buying the final list of parts in about 2 weeks.


Dec 19, 2012
I just ordered mine so I made a couple of search.

I'd take a SSD ! Samsung 830 or 840 pro (they are most likely top in benchmark)
I'd go with gigabyte gtx 670 oc 2gb windforce 3x

I just came back from shopping.. I was at stapples and saw the Asus VS247H-P
and the picture was horrible... I try to adjust it in the setting ... nothing to do...(and I was only on windows main screen..I try a game...i couldn't believe it.
I pick the PA238QR IPS the picture is soooo perfect and 6 MS is not a big deal from what I've read and try !

do you really need a sound card ? sound card that came with your motherboard is very decent to me...

I'd save my money on that and give it a go for an SSD drive.
but hey its my 2 cents :wahoo:
That's a pretty standard high end build.

The Asus monitor is good and 6ms is not good for gaming so stock with Asus. Don't need a sound card, but up to you. SSD isn't needed either, but can be nice.

One thing that I would change is the GPU. The 7970 is faster than the 670. $20 more. And comes with over $100 of free games.


Jan 10, 2012

Your build is fine, though if you are into audio quality you may want a slightly better sound card. If you are not an audiophile then you don't need a card at all.

All the stuff Jay said is complete bull, if the monitor was bad at staples, why did you buy it? IPS panels are about 3-4x the price of gaming monitors and have slow refresh rates, horrible for games. As for the 670, the cheapest one you can get is the best. Even the stock cooler can give you some great overclocks. Samsung SSDs are not the fastest, PAtriot, Crucial, and others are better, but in your price range I would focus on graphics power rather than computing speed.

HERE is my build for you $1300
i5-3570k, TWO 7950s, pretty good Asus Z77 mobo, and a WD black 500gb drive.
Feel free to change up the case and cpu cooler to your needs.
This will play any game you like at 1080p ultra. If you need to purchase a monitor switch to dual 7870s, which will provide about 10-30% more performance than a similar priced 7970.
Drop the sound card because chances are the onboard sound will more than suffice.

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Dec 29, 2012

I do like the idea of having cf 7870s but for now I'm trying to stick with a single GPU. I'm either going to pick the gtx 670 ftw or the 7970. Any suggestions for which one of those to pick?