Question Is this good and does it fit?


Nice website, but as about useless as snowshoes in the Sahara.

It says you can mount a 240mm AIO, but doesn't say if only top, or top/front options.

If the stats are correct, you have 163mm of clearance for an aircooler, which mounts anything except the very largest of towers.

The 3700x is not a hot running cpu, none of the Ryzen really are unless you manually OC well past the cpus PPT limits. So yes, a 240mm is just fine, but so is any number of decent aircoolers.

You have options. "Best Buy" is a personal thing, I prefer liquid cooling, but not adverse to a Noctua NH-D15S or beQuiet Darkrock TF, as both of those offer superior cooling for a 3700x within 163mm. The Noctua is standard twin tower, the beQuiet is downdraft, similar to the stock cooler and I think looks better overall.

2x 140mm/120mm in front and a 240mm on top will also provide more than ample cooling. Just be aware that Ryzens self govern voltages and clock speeds, so are very responsive to changes in VRM temps, a week point for AIO's.

It's a personal thing. You'll be good whichever direction you go in.