Question Is this good? (GPU overclock!)

Download GPUZ and check which memory chip do you have. If you have Samsung, you can max out the Vram speed without issue.

I would not use that software for overclocking, but if you are happy with that result, take it.

I've managed on my MSI GamingX 1050Ti to do 1963MHz (1974 or 1981 was pretty unstable tho, on full fan blast the temps would not even reach above 45*C which was insane for some here, since twin frozr design and full copper base of the heatsink with heatpipes) overclock stable with maxed out memory.
You will get best result with custom Core curve as in second screenshot (I really dont remember how to activate it?But left of the core clock bar are 3 signal indicators and you click on that or Shift+C?)
Just to note; Some games if you max out memory speed would not like it very much and would result in crash, 450-500 is good (halfway), or it may give you adapter has stopped working.