Is this good ram???? please help before i build


Aug 4, 2006
Just about any CAS4 DDR2 800mHz RAM (4,4,4,12 or 4,4,4,15) will be good. Corsair/Crucial/GSkill/Patriot/OCZ are all good brands to consider. You might want to double check to see if the RAM you select is compatible with your particular mobo, before puchasing. Most of the brands I listed should work in most mobo's, but it's always better to double check first before buying.

Edit: The CAS "5" stuff is good too, but usually doesn't OC as well as the CAS "4" stuff. If your not going to OC, than the CAS "5" speeds will be good enough for your system. Sometimes the CAS "5" speed DDR2 is cheaper initially and can be had for under $30 after MIR's. The CAS "4" speed DDR2 is usually under $50 after MIR's, so you can decide what works for you.