Question Is this HDD causing low fps in fortnite ?

Sep 4, 2018
PC Specs :
i5 2500
GigaByte GTX 1060 6gb Aorus Xtreme Edition
8gb RAM
500gb HDD
Antec 500w

1.Im getting low fps to what i should get and random stutters is this HDD the problem ?
2.Also what is the average fps i should get on all low settings on fortnite with these specs ?
Thanks in Advance.
the i5 is a quad core /quad thread from 2010, and, 8 GB of RAM is also a bare minimum these days, which can cause issues if any other services are running...

a hard drive can slow access times when roaming large levels that take place in outdooor scenes if/when all of the level can't be contained within RAM...

Borrow an SSD to see if it helps before buying one... 500 GB SSDs are like $40-$60, and, you can always take it with you when upgrading... (The GTX1060 is still a very nice GPU, take it with you as well!)

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