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Question Is this ideal cooling for the Ryzen 7 3600x?


Jul 11, 2017
So I recently just upgraded my rig and I got a Ryzen 7 with a new pre- water cooler, I applied the thermal paste and everything seems to run well. It hasnt crashed and from what I remember my old 970 ran at 25c on idle. For the Ryzen is it normal for it to run at 35-40c on idle? Would I need to reapply my thermal paste?


3600x is a Ryzen 5, not a Ryzen 7.

WTH is a "pre-water cooler"? I've never, ever, heard of a "pre-cooler", water or otherwise, for PC hardware.

Why are we trying to compare the temperatures of a Ryzen CPU with an i7-970? They are not the same, or even similar architectures, and not even from the same camp? It's apples to oranges, and there is no comparison to be made.

To answer your question, it is not ABNORMAL for you to have those idle temps. In fact, idle temps are largely immaterial. All that REALLY matters are your full load temps.

So long as you are not exceeding 80°C while performing the following thermal compliance test, then you are fine.

Full thermal compliance testing procedures can be found towards the bottom of my guide at the following link in the Thermal compliance testing section.

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