Is this incorrect?


Jun 1, 2010
Hey tomshardware community! I have a question for you regarding memory!

I recently fired up CPU-Z to look at my specs and noticed something fishy about my memory:

My memory is timed at 802.7 Mhz? I have the 2x2GB g.Skillz Ripjaw set which comes from the manufacturer timed at 1600Mhz!
Am I reading this correctly?

If that is wrong, how do I go about changing it? I've always looked at memory as a mystery, and would like to know how to bump that number up! I know that the number is based on my mobo's BLCK frequency, and some other multiplier and has something to do with the string of ~6 numbers that are present in the CPU-Z screen capture. My motherboard is the ASUS P7P55D if that helps with information about the BIOS. Thanks for any help you can offer!
look under the spd tab. it show if your ram is rated for higher speed. if not dont try and force the ram to run faster. you can but you can burn the ram out or make the system unstable. your not going to get a speed bost that you can see by bumping or over clocking your ram.
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