Question Is this iPad no longer compatible with current IOS version

May 2, 2019
I have a client that is using an original iPad. It’s current version of IOS is 9.3.5, though I know there was just an update for 12.0.0(?). She uses it only for basic web surfing and apps, such as Safari, CNN, and Google app. All three apps no longer work properly and have become unstable and crash after about 20 seconds at the most. I’ve restarted it and tried to reinstall the CNN app, but won’t let me download it from the App Store. I’m fairly sure the iPad is at the point that it’s no longer going to run even basic app processes correctly, because it’s out-of-date.

I’m either looking for some more troubleshooting ideas or just a confirmation that her iPad is out-of-date. Thanks.


It's outdated, I have a second or third gen iPad that went to 10.X.X and won't upgrade further. Forcing the update may of caused those issues so I'd make sure everything is backed up and do a factory reset and leave it at 9.3.5.

If the update wasn't forced then I'd close all the apps and turn it off for about 10 mins then start it back up again.

I would also check the application support, I've had some apps and games that were upgraded and then no longer supported on my iPad due to it being older.