Question Is this just a standard Gaming GPU that has been used for mining?

You are currently using the GTX 1050 GPU, right ? Your current processor might create some bottleneck with any high-end GPU though, but this also depends on the GAME being played. It's not a very powerful CPU. Are you looking to upgrade your GPU ? The GTX 980 is an older gen video card. Why not get some of the new TURING GTX GPUs instead ?

But obviously, the GTX 980 is faster than the RX 570 though.
Yup using the 1050. I am aware my cpu isn't the best, although its overclock should help a bit.
The GTX 980 4gb performs just 5% above a 1060 6gb, and many people say a 1060 won't bottleneck a ryzen 3. I don't think a bottleneck will be an issue with cards in this category.
I'm on a budget, so turing costs too much. I can sell my 1050 for about 100. I really only want to spend $125 or a little more.

Looking at this I think a 1060 or 570 used would be a better option. Cheaper and simmilar.


not too shabby there getting a 480 8GB for $89.
I pray for you that it's not a scam and you are actually going to get what you paid for.

It's because of the uncertainty of eBay that I personally don't ever buy anything off it.
I always just go to my local used sources such as Craigslist, OfferUp, Facebook MP, etc. where I can find something for a good deal, and can even haggle for a better price, but at the same time I can inspect the product first hand for myself before handing over cash for it.
1070 would be CPU limited a bit. It's a bit outta my price anyhow.
1060 6gb is a good option, however, I could get a 480 8gb for nearly half of the price and with a mild overclock the performance is close. The extra 2gb vram on the 480 is welcome.

Well if it is a scam, they offer free returns and Ebay buyer protection is great. Reviews are good and the seller is US based. I don't think it is a scam since I saw an MSI Twin frozr 4gb 480 for an identical price.
The low price is likely due to the card coming with NO accessories and a plain box.
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