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Question Is this laptop totally dead?

Jun 17, 2019
Hello everyone,

I've been repairing computers for about 5 years. I'd say I'm at an advanced level, but certainly no expert!

My friend just gave me her Asus Q552U Notebook and I'm out of ideas.
She says "I put it to sleep then when I woke it up it had a blue screen with white letters. It said something about flash and erase.. Or something. Then I panicked and pressed the power button to shut it off. Now it won't turn on at all."

Now it's totally dead. No lights, no fan, nothing.
I've tried:
New power cable.
Unplugging the battery and power cable, holding down the power button for a minute.
Power cable plugged in with battery unplugged.
Battery plugged in with power cable unplugged.
Removing the CMOS Battery for 20 minutes.
Reseted the RAM.
Reseted the hard drive.

I don't see any obvious issues with the board or any components... Any ideas?

Thanks everyone!


Is there a "Reset" switch present on the device that you haven't used yet?

It may be hidden fairly well, could be inside the bottom cover, or may look like a screw hole that doesn't have a screw in it.