Question Is this meant to happen to my headphones?


Jul 16, 2017
I have bought the HyperX Stinger and I have found out when listening to some music and videos some sounds come out only on one side which didnt happen on my other headphones. For example, sometimes I only hear a guitar on the left and another sound on the right. And sometimes the sound wraps around my headphone switching from left right. However this doesnt happen in games. Is this normal?


This is called having a decent set of headphones, you are hearing how the music was recorded with separation, in the music mixing a lot of times they mix instruments to one side or another and how accurately a headphone or speaker reproduces that location is called imaging. A bad headphone you may have far right, center and far left while a good one may have a dozen or more separations that smoothly transition across the sound stage. If you play around with other good quality headphones and maybe sound cards you will find that music and game sounds are different on many of them as to how much separation, accuracy and sound stage there is. This is also why audiophiles never have just one set of headphones or one set of speakers, there is always something different to try to see if it's liked better, or is simply different but equal in it's own way.

I have a set of your headphones, my wife uses them mostly but I use them also when I'm on the system she uses, they are pretty good, but a step behind some of the better $100 range sets, definitely in the top ones for their price range so a good set to have. My only real issue with them is they get a bit hot when used for a while, I have other sets I can wear for hours without issues, the Stingers I need to take off to rest my head/ears for a bit.

Getting into audio is a good way to make your wallet and wife/husband mad at you :) "what do you mean you want a 6th pair of headphones??" "No you can't have a room added on to the house for your speakers", etc.. very unreasonable in my opinion...

Watch this, will explain

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