Question Is this memory a worthy upgrade?

Jan 6, 2020
So I built a rig afew months ago with a Ryzen 3700X & Im thinking of upgrading my RAM from 16 to 32.

This is what Im using now :

This is what Im thinking of upgrading to :
Or possibly :

I know all there is to know when it comes to memory with Intel but Ryzen Im not on the up. My question is is would this be a worthy upgrade? I dont really do anything els other than game on this rig so I know this is a bit overkill but I dont care. I want 32. That being said. Would I see some kind of minimal gain going down to CL16 3200 from CL18 3600? I mean Im positive I would see some kind of gain with the CL16 3600 G.skills but what about the T-Force? Ive heard that Ryzen really likes low latency RAM. So do you think doubling the amount of ram, lowering the latency to 16 vs 18, & down clocking 400MHzs would acutally be better performance than the corsairs I have now?? Lemme know some of your thoughts.
Thanks <3



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