is this mobo any good


Dec 24, 2005
is this mobo any good for a non intense non overclocking "gamer" two hours or less a day. mainly needed for multi media and every day use i will put in a gig of ram a 7600 gt and a 3800+.

will i need to reinstall windows so that it will wipe my hard drive ( data and programs)
The short answer is YES, it's OK. Socket 939 mobos are getting scarce. There's nothing wrong with the Biostar, though you will not be using the integrated graphics. It is noise free since there is no fan on the northbridge. Check out NewEgg, sorting by socket 939 and consider one of the Foxconn nForce4 options. They are standard ATX, and do not cost much different. They do have fans though. If you have never heard of Foxconn, they make tons of OEM boards.

You don't absolutely have to reinstall Windows, but I would. Back up your data, wipe the drive, install Windows, chipset and other drivers, programs and then your data.
If you really don't want to do that, then spend some time at these sites:


Dec 13, 2005
wish i could comment on this exact board but i cannot

i have the socket 754 version and i do exactly just that - gaming a couple hours a day - multimedia stuffs.. etc etc

with a PCI express gf6600

i can even overclock fairly well with my value line memory

ive been doing so for more than a year..

good luck to you

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