Question Is this motherboard going to be ok for gaming or should I send it back?

May 18, 2019
the motherboard is the
It comes with an I/O shield and the stuff I need for the parts I want to put in
I plan on putting in the ryzen 3600x and the RTX 2070 SUPER
as well as 32gb of ddr4 3600 (4x8gb)
someone on discord saying that this motherboard didn't have a "heat shield" and I asked around and people thought I meant I/O shield and I asked him and he didn't mean that at all he literally meant a heatshield for the ethernet, PS/2 and USB ports like this motherboard
I think he means the little ESD protector? because after talking to him further he said "heatsink" and my motherboard does not and it doesn't look like this one has one either?


That person on discord is referring to the "cover" that goes around all the I/O ports (not to be confused with an I/O shield, which actually has a purpose).
That cover is entirely aesthetic and serves no thermal or performance based function. Your motherboard has heatsinks on it already, all that cover does is hide the "ugly" connections that are all grouped together.

Those covers originated on high end boards a few years ago for a "premium" touch, now basically every motherboard has one.
For gaming with the 3600x that Asus PRIME X570-P motherboard is fine and it does have a newer chipset (x570) compatible with Ryzen 3xxx CPUs.
Both motherboards have heatsinnks over the VRMs.
The ROG STRIX have an integrated I/O shield, which covers the VRM heatsink.
The ROG STRIX B450 needs a BIOS update to be compatible with the Ryzen 5 3600x.
Agree with both.

The 1 problem is see coming it trying to get the ram running @3600 in the 4x8 kit.
The 3000's memory controller is rated for 3200.
If you had gone with a 2x16 kit you would be able to run the 3600 ram at it's rating.
4x8 kits are usually way harder to tune and may never run at the 3600mhz.