Question Is this normal antialiasing for 1080p?

Jul 11, 2019

I bought new pc with r5 2600x, rtx2060 and 16 gb predator ram, and I played on it for a week with no problem, but then I installed gta5 wich I already played few years ago on my old PC but now I see a lot of flickering and aliased edges even with maxed MSAA (and few years ago I played on minimal settings) which really distract me from playing. But its even more after that I started to notice this flickering edges in most other games I played before with no problem! Please see videos (first 2 is blade and soul game, flickering road's edge and steps, second 2 is gta 5 with flickering roof and fence ):

So am I just going mad and this is normal situation for 1080p I just havent notice before or could it really be that my new hardware or drivers for it have antialiasing issues?