Question Is this normal behavior for a CPU? i9 10900K


Sep 22, 2018
Hello! I built a new PC with an i9 10900K this weekend and I was monitoring it for a bit.
The cooler I'm using is a Corsair H115i with 2 140mm fans on the top of the case facing downward.

I noticed that in Task Manager, the CPU clock speed is going up to 4.20Ghz while the base speed is only 3.70Ghz, and the utilization is as low as 2%.
The PC was basically idle, only thing that was on the foreground was Star Trek Online's launcher downloading the game files.

After it finished downloading, I closed the launcher and the speed went down to 1.5Ghz with some spikes going up to 3.5Ghz, just doing nothing showing the desktop.

Another thing that I noticed is that while downloading from Steam for example, the CPU temps go up, to like 50-60c.

I actually never paid attention to this before on my old PCs. So I just wondered whether if this is normal behavior for a CPU.
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Looks normal.

The CPU will downclock below the base clock to save power if not much is using it, but will boost if any task, including windows background tasks, is using the CPU. Temps and sometimes fan speed will fluctuate in response.