Is this normal? HWMonitor


Nov 26, 2012
Hey guys, Just received my pc that you all helped me build.

Im a Temp freak and i like to monitor everything.

Currently My CPU idles from around 28-30c then up to around the 45c mark when underload

My GPU Idles from 20 -25 c and then 42-45c underload , I know these temps are fine and im really happy with them.

Which leads me to my first question.

Looking at these temps, Should i overclock?

My Second question, I was looking at other peoples HWmontor screen shots and i noticed that that had a 12v+ which i know is needed for the GPU and other things.

I purchased an Antec 550w PSU specifically for this machine, Yet when i open HWMonitor i have nothing that says 12+V ..... Am i getting enough power here?