Is this normal temp for a stock heatsink amd phenom x4 955?




is it? what is the 12v and 5v?

my motherboard is the 870-g45

it may be because of my power supply. its not the greatest.

I'd still like to know why your 12v and 5v rails are so low, they are the main supplies for Fans, HDDs etc. Could be a problem with CPUID Hardware Monitor or your motherboard sensors. The fact that your machine appears to be running well would suggest that the problem lies in the monitoring. Perhaps you could start a new thread and see if anyone else has the same results?
The voltages are definitely a result of bad monitoring. I've seen similar issues with some motherboards and HWMonitor where it wouldn't read the +12V and +5V voltages right. If you are worried about voltages, check in the BIOS, that will give you an accurate reading.