Is this normal?


Jan 29, 2004
I just installed my new asus radeon 9800XT and am playing Vietcong. Randomly trees and other parts of the map will not draw properly until you are close to them. For example.... a set of stairs some way ahead of you appear to be flat then when you get closer they will suddenly pop into stairs. Or a tree will be skinny until you are close then suddenly pop into a proper fat tree. What could cause this?

Also are the omega drivers better than the ATI ones?


Jul 13, 2003
Without having played the game myself I would have to say that what your describing isn't a glitch at all. In order for developers to optimize their games so as to run smoother even on slower computers, they make large use of LODs (Level Of Detail). They make a number of different copies of the same object so that at progressivly farther distances the computer will use a less detailed version of the object so that computer can run smoother. However to have a good job done of LODs the developers need to make the LODs change from the previous LOD in such a manner so that the player dosn't even notice the detail is becoming more and more detailed as they get closer to the object. In the case of this game it could be that the developers did a bad job of LODs on certain objects and thats why your noticing the object changing so drasticly from a simple shape to a more detailed shape when closer up.

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