Question Is this Power Supply enough for the RX 6800 XT ?

Hello i am currantly running RX 6800 XT GPU with Cooler Master V650 but since 650w is bare minimum for this GPU i want to upgrade to 750W PSU so is this PF750 DeepCool PSU enough
Thank you
I will say.. Coolermaster v650 is much much better than this deepcool PF750 watt PSU...

Internally Coolermaster V650 is designed on modern platform and all quality components.. while PF750 from what I can see.. it's designed on older design.. so Don't use this PSU at all.. to replace V650 (if V650 is older than 4 years.. it's time to replace it)..

For wattage.. 650 watt PSU is more than enough For RX6800XT and even a powerful CPU like i7 12700 (non OC).. even PSU manufacturers actually Put 20% Extra headroom for Sudden power demands... So 650 is still a way to go... and I would never forget for Cheaper 750 watt PSU than Good 650 watt PSU