Question Is this psu any good?

Feb 26, 2019
Hello,I was found an Thermaltake litepower 550w psu.Is it any good?

My other components are:Msi ms 7309 v1 mobo,micro atx case.And does it going to fit into my mobo and case?
GPU that I plan to run is zotac 8800gts amp!.Thanks! If you tell me:"Why you plan to buy old GPU?" That's because my motherboard is old and I am on low budget.
That's an average budget power supply unit, but once again, not the very best in terms of quality/efficiency.

Can you buy one of these similar models, from near your location, (assuming you have the budget) ? But for your PC, you won't be needing a very high quality PSU, so you can also get one of the CORSAIR CX-M series of power supplies.


EVGA Supernoa G3:

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That's an OKAY-ish budget PSU from Corsair. Again, not that good quality, but I think you can use it power the 8800GTS. Though, I'm not fully sure. The OEM of this unit might either be HEC or CWT.

Anyways, What's the size of your ATX cabinet ? I think you have a micro-ATX chassis ?
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A 8800GTX requires a single 6 pin pcie connector. That will be found on a good 450w PSU.
Any modern ATX psu will fit a standard motherboard with a 24 pin main power connector. You are good there.
Also a ATX psu will fit most modern cases including your M-ATX case.

Do not skimp on psu quality.
A cheap psu that fails can damage all your other parts.

Buy no less than a tier 3 unit in a list such as this: