Dec 15, 2008
I am going to make a new build around December/January, with the exception of a new GPU. Since it is almost completely a new build, I will be going with the 13th gen intel and ddr5 for futureproofing for the next 5 years. I picked out the parts in pcpartpicker, but these are still going to depend on the availability at the time of purchase.

I read that there is the new PSU type that is required either for the latest processors or GPUs, I'm not really clear on which. My concern is will the PSU I selected work in the system and be compatible with the GPU that I already have?
PSU: Corsair HX1000i 80 Plus Platinum
GPU: MSI 3070 ti Suprim X

I am also open to suggestions for the build, as none of it is finalized yet, except the GPU. Thanks for your responses.