Question Is this psu enough for a gtx 650?

PC Tailor

The GTX 660 has a specification power consumption of 64W.

18 Amps on 12V is 216W so yes it will be enough.

My concern however would come from it being an OEM PSU, and without knowing the exact spec, I would imagine it is poor quality, and if there is one thing I wouldn't compromise, it's the PSU quality.
Mar 14, 2019
I was asking so i would know to get a new psu or a gpu. But i gues i know the anser now. The psu is as random as it gets, its called atx-500w-e1-psu. When i Google that i find a power supply which has a 6pin but my doesnt. Plus my doesnt have a power swich but the one i find on google does.
Is that PSU from a small form factor Dell, by any chance? That power rating sounds like it.

If so, I don't think you can upgrade the PSU. It has an oddball form factor.

If it's a normal ATX power supply, though, without any sort of proprietary connectors, then you can easily get an upgrade.