Is this PSU good, and is this mobo good?


Jun 3, 2011

Was browsing ITSDirect for PC parts for my first build and a came across what I thought was a great deal, a case AND PSU for $48~!!!

But now that I think about it the PSU might not be any good...

Here it is:

Now the big question, will this be sufficient for my GTX 550Ti and Phenom II X4?

It probably can't actually provide 300W and it probably has no protections. All those things cost money, and you can't sell a case and PSU for $47 with those features.

Have a look at the PSU guide linked in my signature.

Here's one at that store

Or MSY has an Antec Neo Eco 520W for $67.... great deal

They absolutely can. Tom's did a test a while back of three or four cheap PSUs. Every one blew out before it got close to its rating, and one actually exploded. The PSU is the one part of your system that you really can't afford to scrimp on. Here's a good one: