[SOLVED] Is this psu good?, (And more questions)

Oct 26, 2020
Hi there, i have a question my psu recently died (Seasonic M12II Evo idk how but the technician said it was undervolting), so i bought a new one the Gigabyte P750GM i just wanted to know if thats better than the prev one (it is the only choice cuz it the only thing that is in stock), also is it safe for the psu to be turned off then unplug after pc shut down then when needed plug then switch on the power the pc on like i always do that on my previous psu i just wanna know if that could possibly be the cause of the last psu dying i would like to take care of the new one thank you.

Some more questions from this noob:
  1. Is it okay for the psu to be plugged in switch on 24/7 without using the pc?
  2. Is it ok to just switch off the outlet when pc is not in use then switch the outlet on when i will use it(while the psu is plugged in and switch on)?
Thank you for those who will answer my dumb ass.
No one knows... there are no reviews, no internal shots, no nothing on that PSU... it's an unkown quantity really.

  1. Can't pronounce on the reliability or quality at all with this unit, sorry.
  2. Yeah, that's fine.