Is this psu good enough, at least for a week?


specs: athlond64 3500+ 2.2ghz NO OC (yet)
2x256mb total 512mb pc2100 dual channel ram
wd 160gb sata 7200rpm
ata dvd
nvidia quadro fx 3000 agp 256mb
some fanzzz. lol

ok so i pugged in the used aerocool 550w psu i planned to use, not in the case yet, justthe ram, mobo, and cpu, and NOTHING HAPPENED!!! i have a codegon 300w sitting around, and with out plugging anything else in, i tried it. it least i think so i havent tried it with video yet, but the cpu and psu fan went on, etc... however, the psu did squeal a little for the first three seconds ok, but then it was being silentish noisy fan though) but all seemed ok...

my real questin is, is this psu good enough to power my full system for a week or maybe even forever...i should hav a new psu by the end of next week, will it hold out???

thanks in advance!
Yea you fine man you could probably power that system just like that for a long time with no problems. But i dont like no name power supplies and i never heard of codegon before but it will be fine for now.