Is this psu good enough for a gtx 1080 ti?

Jun 4, 2018
Corsair 550 W RM550x Series 80 PLUS Gold Full Modular ATX Power Supply Unit
My specs:
i5 8400
gtx 1080ti (it will be)
12gb ram
1tb hdd
240gb ssd
5 case fans
Thanks in advance
Well, the recommended PSU should be 600w. With that said, and as long as you don't OC, that one should do just fine.

You won't draw much more than 400-450w max with that system. So you should be fine.

Alternatively, this would give more headroom:

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Power Supply: SeaSonic - FOCUS Plus Gold 650W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply ($69.99 @ Newegg)
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The load for that system would work out about 450W mark. You can try it here :

Obviously the calculator isn't exact but will be close enough. I think about 450w is about right. There may be slight spikes above that, but ballpark, it will be in that region.

Here you can see rough gaming usage for a 1080ti as tested by tom's. Sure 3rd party cards may have require more, but for the purpose of getting a ballpark, and not knowing the exact card details, as i've said it's pretty close:,4972-6.html

I would agree that the 1080ti could spike close to 300w but it happens very rarely, and is card dependent.

Can't go by the reference card specs, all the 3rd party cards pull a lot more.

So we have to look at 300w as more normal power consumption.

A lot more if they are overclocked.

Here is an example of the GTX 1080Ti FTW3, normal non OCed in gaming is almost 290w.,5061-5.html

Yeah, usually best to get more headroom than less as long as it's reasonable.

650W would be fine for a GTX 1080ti, a good quality unit.

I think we've covered those points already, and have agreed with you to some extent. The RX550m should do fine for that system, without OC'ing, as others have pointed out also. Admittedly with all things going well, there is approx 80-100w spare to account for spikes.

I did also mention an alternative should the OP decide to OC the GPU. He can't OC with the 8400. I'm not sure where you got 100w though for the CPU at turbo. Can you link me something (i'd like to know for my own reference). The only thing I can find is full load usage and it comes in under the 65w TDP! :


TDP doesn't mean anything now with the turbo boost 3.0, the 8400 will easily pull 100w.

thanks for the link BTW for the FTW3, I'll have a scoot when i get home from work.

Can you link something so we can see what you mean?

The 8400 is 65w if the turbo boost is disabled.


Jun 23, 2017
The rm550x is a very good psu and it will handle your rig easily. The nvidia recommendations are a bit over the board, since they assume that some users might have lower quality units.

I was using a seasonic g550 for several years on oc 3770k cpu with a r9 290 and later on a 1080TI. Needlessly to say you will be fine.

It's my understanding that at 3.8 all core the 8400 still remains within TDP. I just don't see how a single core boost of 300mhz to 4ghz is gonna need an extra 35w. That's why I'm asking.

I know my own chip (and yes, I'm aware it's a different architecture) is stock at 3.6. With an OC to 3.9 (6 cores) the same 300mhz difference, the extra draw is only 35w. So, i'm scratching my head that the 8400 would need 100w.

I agree with 'more is better' when it comes to a PSU. I've a 650w too. But I don't touch 500w with an OC'ed R1600x/ OC'ed SC Version GTX1060/OC ram/SOC.

And as for getting a 750w or above. Well that's just overkill and a waste of cash. You could stick 2 GTX 1080's in there in SLI and the 750w would be enough!

The 550w will do fine. It's a good quality PSU. The 650w for ample overhead, and maybe OC'ing. Anything else is a waste.



Sep 27, 2009

I wouldn't say it is a waste. a PSU will generally last longer if it isn't being maxed out all the time by the components its powering. having a little extra wattage while not going too overboard will give you more longevity in the long run.

Exactly correct.

With a 750W PSU the draw will be right in the 50% range so the PSU will run nice and cool and quiet.