Question Is this PSU good?

Do you have the budget for these models, as listed below I would recommend you to get the following PSU models and brands. These are high quality units. Look for similar SKUs.....ELSE, I will recommend some other model...

SEASONIC PRIME, and Prime Ultra, or FOCUS Plus GOLD, Focus Plus Platinum.

CORSAIR AXi, RMi, RMx 550/650W, SF, HX 2017, HXi.

FSP - Hydro PTM 550/650W.

Cooler Master - MasterWatt Maker MiJ, V series 550/650W.

Antec - High Current Pro, High Current Platinum, Earthwatts Pro Gold, HCG Gold.

Super Flower - Leadex Gold II.

be Quiet! - Dark Power Pro 11, Straight Power 11, Dark Power Pro P10.

EVGA -Supernova G1+, GQ, P2, T2, G2, B2, BQ =>750.

PSU is the last component you might want to cheap out on, or skimp. Try to get some other high quality PSU, IF possible. Power supplies are an imperative part of your system that should not be taken lightly. Throwing in a budget PSU could result in poor power efficiency or even a wrecked system.

Don't SKIMP on the PSU,, since this is the MOST important PC component. I can't stress this enough.
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