Nov 18, 2012
I just finished ordering the parts for my build using the black Friday deals. Just wondering whether this setup is worth the money.

i5 3570K
AsRock z77 extreme 4
Gigabyte Gtx 670 OC
Corsair Vengeance 1600 16GB
Cooler master Hyper 212
coolermaster HAF 922
Corsair HX 850W
Crucial M4 256 GB
Segate Barracuda 2 Tb
Segate Backup Plus 500Gb
Asus VE247H (Monitor)
Corsair Vengeance M90 (Mouse)
Azio Levetron MECH5 (Keyboard)
Logitech G930 (Headset)
Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless controller
Microsoft Win7 Home Premium
Asus internal Blu-ray reader 121-BST

antistatic wrist wrap, extra SATA cable, 3.5 in to 2.5 in drive bay adapter

All these items came up to 2250$ with tax....I live in Ontario, so the taxes are lil bit higher...i still have a rebate of 150$ to mail in, so is this rig worth the money or I just burnt all the money that I earned during the summer.



Oct 29, 2012
Pretty expensive but It will run anything you through at it.
I getting pretty much the same stuff as this but my total is about 1000$ Already have a 360 controller, got a monitor, keyboard and mouse. I got everything like 35% off :)