Question is this safe rx 580 memory voltage / timings

You don't need memory voltage at 1.2V.

Here's how the memory voltage setting works: (And here's a full WattMan tutorial)
As the GPU core frequency decreases, it needs less voltage to keep it stable. Simple. However, unlike the GPU core that can change it's frequency, the VRAM always runs at a fixed speed under load (and a single lower speed when the card is idle). There is a necessary amount of voltage required to keep that VRAM stable also. The card always feeds the GPU core voltage to the VRAM also (you can see this if you look at the VRAM Voltage Out VOUT/VID and compare that to the GPU Core Voltage VDDC in HWMonitor). The "Memory Voltage" setting acts as a lower limit for the GPU core voltage to prevent feeding too little voltage to the VRAM and causing it to become unstable/crash. The reason we need to test for a minimum Memory Voltage here is to make the most out of power saving features like FRTC/Chill/etc etc. If your Memory Voltage is set to the same value as the State 7 core voltage (or higher), the card may drop to lower frequencies, but the voltage will never go down. The more core States you can "open up" with a Memory Voltage that's lower than they are, the more flexibility you and/or your card has to adjust the power/heat/noise it's producing.

I run memory voltage at 930-950mV for Memory Timing Level 2 depending on the card.
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