[SOLVED] Is this temperature normal for i5-11400F?

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Jan 29, 2007
Heres some interesting result, I did just add a little of thermal paste in the middle of the CPU.

The idle temp stays at 34-36C

and Maximum Temp is 86 C at full load.

Still same fan, but will change it soon for further improvement

View: https://imgur.com/a/RfXZ0R8
So I used to have a 10400. I power unlocked it completely, and used bclk to get a 2.4% overclock. With the stock cooler, I don't think it ever pulled more than 80W even during stress tests and never got over 80C.

That said, 86C under synthetic all core workloads is nothing to be concerned about at all. You'll never see that in real, normal use.

Also you do not need a high end air cooler on your CPU. I had used a Thermaltake Contact Silent 12, which is rated at 150W, later in the year. CPU always stayed below 70C no matter what I ran. I also initially used that on a 10850K and it was fine, below 90C, at stock power limits (125W continuous). That is a $23 air cooler, and it's complete overkill for a 10400.

Putting a $90 air cooler like the dark rock pro 4 on a 10400 (or 11400) is a total waste of money.
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