Is this upgrade worth it?


May 3, 2006
I am thinking about upgrading me computer mainly the videocard here are my specs as follows now

Intel Core i7 920 Stock 2.67Ghz
Intel DX58SO motherboard
6GB 1066 Ram
1 X 750Gb Main hard drive
OS Windows 7 32 bit
8800GT 512 MB XFX Alphadog

Now I some gaming I like all kinds of games from FPS, RTS, Roleplaying, Ect I have a 22 in monitor @ 1680 X 1050 so thats going to be my max resolution I play at. So far I can play any game I throw at it at max settings what I plan to do is get another nvidia card so O can run both one as a Physics card and to help Badaboom convert movies and shows and the other one for the main video for games i am looking at a GTS 260 from XFX but I'm not sure if i should wait as the card i have is doing a good job right now should I wait for a game that makes the 8800GT whine under pressure

on the other hand I know i have a very good CPU is the 8800GT Bottlenecking the CPU? i know there are alot of variables that I haven't even thought of yet so let me know what you guys all think i kinda want to stay with Nvidia for the fact that I've had them for years and the physics hardware acceleration
8800GT - im using one with my current rig (Q6600 @ 3.5) and from the benchmarks iv seen (anandtech??) the 8800GT when its on any list its far far behind any modern card, dont get me wrong it hammers but theres plenty of faster cards out there (ATI), i wouldnt buy nvidia atm personally BTW (gotta see how GT300 or whatever comes out) - your choice if you want to wait etc.


Well since you say that you can max out every game,then there is no need to upgrade :) upgrade something when you don't get the performance you need,also your CPU is pretty fast so don't worry about bottlenecks.
About PhysX well,IMO its not worth it because it won't make a huge difference in graphics.
I don't quite understand the questions here either, if the computer does everything you need it to, then why do you need to upgrade?
You must be playing older games, an 8800GT is not a powerful video card by todays standards at all, and most modern games will bring an 8800GT to it's knees if you turn everything up. The 8800GT was fine card in it's day, but that day was like, 3 1/2 years ago?
But if everything is fine, then everything is fine. Why spend the money?

Ehsan w

Aug 23, 2009
I suggest you wait,
definitely do NOT upgrade to the gtx 260, that'll be a waste
of your money right now
how about you get yourself 64 bit windows?
at least you'll be able to use the 6 gig's of ram you got there

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