Question Is this worth the purchase even if I sit on it for a couple months?


IMHO, don't make the same mistake as I did...buying parts one by one and then facing some hardships(with finances) to put a halt into my part by part purchasing scheme leaving my build/plan in tatters. I learned that you "be patient, save your money, then when you're sure you've got the funds saved up enough, buy all parts at once, with any and/or all deals available at your disposal and then spend the rest of your time enjoying the build, provided you get it done right" as opposed to buying one by one and then ending up with yesteryears tech.

My 2 cents on the matter.
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Agreed. Having a part sit on the shelf and not knowing if it is functional can bite you later. Not to mention getting outside of return windows. And the most annoying, a better deal popping up.

If you can also buy the ram and you have a power supply and some storage (even a USB stick), you could actually fire it up and run it with the iGPU. Get a bootable Linux distro and see how it goes.