Is TV any good?


Jun 26, 2003
Hey, Basicly I want to know if using a TV instead of a CRT for my computer is any good? I have a Ti4200 8xAGP 128meg Medusa video card with TV out, I think its an S-Video COnnection, but it came with an adapter to convert S-video to normal Coaxial. My computer is generally used for Gaming, DVD's and Music. So do TV's look any good what so ever. I havent bought the TV yet so i can not comment on make or model. I figgure why pay $170 (Australian) for a 17inch monitor, when i can pay $200 (Australian) for a 70cm TV. SO any comments will be much appreciated. ALso what size TV would you's reccomend for this job. Thanks alot
TV works ok for most things that aren't associated with text. TVs have a property called line bleeding/blending. This is good for things like pictues but not for text.
Fo gaming, DVD watching (for music do you really need crystal clear menus?) it should work ok. However if you plan on doing any web-surfing, it will suck big time.
The best thing to do would be to rent a TV the size you are planing on and see what picture you get. It will never be as good as a computer moitor, but depending on your use it may be fine.

My suggestion on size would be anything 27" and above. However the closer you sit, the more you may notice irregularities on a big screen.

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OK, I've experience with the TV for PC issue. The BEST I could do for text was set the resolution at 640x480 and use large fonts, but even that left some small text unreadable. Basically, you can't pick up small details with a TV, so your computer won't be much of a PC, more like a game playing/movie watching device. And for that you could just get a PS2 or xBox for around $130.

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