Is Ultrawide good for gaming

Sep 25, 2018
I currently have the Asus PG279Q (1440p, 27in, 165hz, ips). I was wondering if I should upgrade to an Alienware ultrawide that is 34 inches, 1440p, 120hz, and ips. What I am trying to ask is.... Is it better to game on an ultrawide with a slightly lower refresh rate but larger FOV than a normal monitor?


Oct 2, 2018

I used to own an Acer Predator 27 inch IPS monitor. Recently upgraded to the ultrawide Dell Alienware AW3418DW that you mentioned.

Speaking from a personal perspective, it was a MASSIVE change to me. It was a world of difference. Battlefield 5, GTA 5, etc.. look so amazing on this monitor because you can really immerse yourself in the scenery.

As far as refresh rate goes, I didn't feel any difference. Going from 144 hz to 120 hz was nothing. This is because I always max out my settings so my fps always stay around 80~90 with a RTX2080. So yea that reduction in refresh rate meant nothing to me.

I would recommend going for it.
Its pretty cool playing scenic games like GTA for Forza on ultrawides due to how immersive they are, but if you play esport titles i think the general consensus is normal (16:9) is better.

Go to BestBuy or some other electronics store, try one out and see if you like it. I dont think you'll really notice the lower refresh rate (you could lower your current monitors refresh rate to see if it bothers you)
I went from the guy saying "Ultrawide is a gimmick, useless" to becoming a true believer.... Likewise with curved screens, though I don't think I would care for curved screens on anything that was under 32-34" - large ultrawide + curve = happiness.

FPS games, I definitely appreciate the wider FOV. Even some of the simple games, such as Don't Starve, take advantage of it, not just stretching the graphics wider, but actually making more horizontal view of the landscape visible.

I strongly recommend it.

As for high refresh rates, I'm the wrong person to ask, as I play most things around 60Hz, and I can't really tell the difference from 75Hz and higher. One guy I know who says he can really make out the higher refresh rates and is pretty gung ho about it admits that he sometimes thinks when he caps the screen at 100Hz vs 144Hz, he can't tell the difference, but he does notice it when he dips to rates below 100.