[SOLVED] Is upgrading 2080 ti to 3070 a major upgrade?

Jul 10, 2020
It SEEMS like the 3070 will be better at some things (maybe most things) than the 2080 Ti, but we won't know to what degree until reviews start coming out.

Whatever the advantage, I'd also wager its not going to be so much as to consider it a "major upgrade."
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Jan 17, 2020
Are you feeling that the 2080ti is underpreforming now? Is it just the itch to get the new shiny thing?

Wait for the real test to see if 3070 is as good as it is promised. If it is then the uesed value on 2080ti will drop to the bottom and your 1200$ new price card is worth at best 400$ on used marked. Me personaly wouldent have payed 400$ for a spanking new 2080ti if the price and spec on 3070 is true.
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If you do the math the RTX 3070 will be around 10% faster than the RTX 2080 ti. It's not going to be worth the upgrade.

Really here's how it is... The RTX 3080 replaces the RTX 2080 ti. The RTX 3070 replaces the RTX 2080. There is no replacement for the 2080 super. Although... Let's be real. The difference from the RTX 2080 to 2080 Super is hardly noticeable. The RTX 3090 replaces the Titan RTX.

Would people have been happier if they were branded as...

Titan A $1499
RTX 3080 ti $699
RTX 3080 $499
Because in reality Nvidia is giving us more this time. They could have branded them that way.

The RTX 3080 is a cut down GA102. Now that's usually exactly what the xx80 ti card is. There may not be an xx80 ti card this time. There's room for it sure but the RTX 3080 is already so close to the RTX 3090 it's not funny. An RTX 3080 ti would likely have 9216 Cuda cores and think about it folks that's so close to the 8704 in the RTX 3080. It's not worth doing. It would be the worst ti ever compared to the xx80 series. The 3070 is really what an xx80 series card used to be.
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