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Question Is UPS Seasonic S12iii 500W 80+ compatible with Line Interactive UPS?

Jul 11, 2020
Hello I'm having a question about UPS compatibility with my PSU Seasonic S12iii 80+. I heard that power supply with 80+ certificate have active PFC, and I assume this PSU has (correct me if I'm wrong) and having this active PFC I heard that people say it might not be compatible with line interactive UPS, or a UPS that doesn't give true sine wave. If anyone is having this power supply and have a UPS, maybe line interactive UPS. Please do let me know about your experience. Because online UPS or true sine wave UPS seems very expensive.

I am new to this, I just read about the whole building PC things about two weeks ago. So I will give out my specs to see if it helps. This is my spec that I calculated to know how much VA of UPS that I need and it says 650VA (check out my specs and the calculation on the link below).
My mobo is Asrock b450 pro4

I forgot to calculate the budget for UPS and my budget is basically on the limit, I really would prefer to get something that I need for now and save unnecessary spending. And from the price I really feel this already a lot and I can afford UPS that have 650VA or 700VA or 1200VA all are line interactive but I really prefer to avoid 700VA and 1200VA if it's not necessary.

So well guys please do let me know your opinions and advices. I really appreciate all of them ^^