Is usb 3.0 a defult setting?


Feb 3, 2012
Hello, I may be a fool for asking this but this is the first time building my own computer solo. I think I have figured everything out but have yet to turn it on as my friend is coming tomorrow with windows 7 to put it on the new comp. Anyway moving on I have browsed all over online, read my manual, done everything and worded this in every way I could think of, and I was wondering something very simple, on my gigabyte 970a-ud3 motherboard is USB 3.0 like a default thing now such as on older motherboards usb 2.0 was? i'm wondering because I thought I had to hook up some kind of special wiring or something onto the motherboard but can't find any such thing. Again sorry for the stupid question but I really wanna figure this out before I fire up the computer for the first time.
Well, USB3 is not working when installing windows, so don't use it, u will need to install the drivers from the mobo website or the DVD that came with mobo.

USB3 is backwards compatible with USB2.

USB3 is still considered new.

Use USB2 as the ports are available.

USB3 is great with USB3 devices, USB2 plugged in the USB3 will run in the speed of USB2.

USB2 is supported on the CPU, USB3 will be 1st time available on Ivy Bridge.


Feb 3, 2012
Your motherboard, the 970a-ud3, has 2 USB 3.0 ports on the back panel.

You also have a USB 3.0 connector near your SATA connectors. If you consider the CPU slot as near the "top" of the motherboard, at the bottom you will see a blue connector port named "F_USB30". It is between a white port called "Sys_Fan2" and what appears to be your front panel connection pins.

Your back-panel 3.0 work automatically (well, you might need to install drivers). They are built-in to the motherboard.

If you have other 3.0 USB ports built into your case, your case should have a cable that runs from those USB ports that you will plug into the USB 3.0 slot. If your case doesn't have any USB ports that are blue, you don't have USB 3.0 built into your case. Probably: for some reason case manufacturers have decided 'USB 3.0 ports should be blue,' but I'm not sure if that is an industry standard or if it is just an informal agreement.

USB 3.0 isn't default yet... just like USB 2.0 took a while to be standard, USB 3.0 will be the same. Part of it is that demand isn't there yet. Devices don't support it because not too many people have it... and not too many people have it because... well.

Eventually, it will become standard as competition between mobo manufacturers forces them to put more stuff for the checkboxes to sell.