[SOLVED] Is using three identical sticks of 8GB RAM worth considering?


Oct 2, 2016
Two years ago I've bought two sticks of 8 GB RAM. Unfortunately, due to my stupidity I've killed one so I have only one 8GB stick left. I'm working on ASUS MAXIMUS RANGER VIII mobo.
Now I need more RAM because I'd like to host memory consuming VMs. I have two options:

    1. Buy two additional G.SKILL F4-3200C16D-16GVKB sticks and run both in channel A and the remaining stick in single channel B slot.

    2. Buy another, better 8GB sticks (e.g. this ones), place them in channel A and sell the current 8GB stick.

While reading ASUS user manual I was not able to deduce if the third RAM stick would affect the performance of dual channel.Would You help me find the best solution to my problem? I'd be grateful. :)
Adding extra memory is not guaranteed to be compatible with your existing memory by memory manufacturers. You are free to do your own compatibility testing with no guarantees as to how they will perform together if you manage to boot the PC up.

Workarounds for getting extra memory to work include:
lower memory clock speed
relax DRAM timings
increase DRAM voltage